Volume II

I.S.L.R. Pandektis table of contents: Volume II (1994-1995)
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Index I : Studies - Research

Paul Anderson, "The problems surrounding student-athletes in major revenue producing intercollegiate sports in the United States".

Karl Schauhoff, "The athlete's perspective in sports conflicts in Germany".

Vassos Georgiou, "Sports Legislation in Cyprus".

Vassos Georgiou, "Sport conflicts in Cyprus and the Jurisdictional Organs".

Martin Greenberg, "Enforcing sports contracts".

Thrassyvoulos Kontaxis, "Latent Violations of (Greek) Constitution concerning the aids given to the Sports Federations" (summary of legal opinion).

Trudo Lemmens, "Sports, doping and clashing values".

Athanassios Loukis and others, "Economy and Sports".

Andreas Mitrakas, "Legal expert systems : A leap into the future ?".

James A. R. Nafziger, "International Sports Law as a process for resolving disputes".

D. Panagiotopoulos - J. Soukos - E. Galanos, "Explanations of different issues and problematics of the regulative framework of the basketball coaches".

D. Panagiotopoulos, "Participation in Sports Activities".

D. Panagiotopoulos - A. Strigas - T. Nalpantis - E. Goni, "Sports Disputes tried in Appeal, within the framework of Professional Sports in Greece".

Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, "The profession of trainer of martial arts in the Ministry of Public Order: judo, karate and TAE KWON DO" (legal opinion).

Thilo Philipp, "Towards an ethical concept for sport".

Geral Simon, "Reflexions sur l' arbitrage juridique en matiere".

F. Geli Simon, "Le contentieux sportif dans le Droit Espagnol; Propositions d' harmonisation".

Heiko T. Van Staveren, "The line between sports regulations and the Law".

Russel L. Strurzebecker, "The role of Law".

Index II - Jurisprudence

Council of State (Greek Supreme Administrative Court)
3046/1989, 444/1992, 767/1993, 1563/1993, 2480/1993, 2919/1993, 296/1994, 309/1994

Areios Pagos (Greek Supreme Civil & Criminal Court)

Greek Courts of Appeal
369/1987 Piraeus, 1556/1994 Athens, 602/1995 Athens

Greek First Instance Courts
301/1992 Piraeus, 1710/1993 Athens

A.S.E.A.D. (Greek Supreme Sports Disputes Tribunal)
1/1992, 14/1993, 40/1993, 124/1993, 130/1993, 49/1994, 65/1994, 140/1994

Greek Arbitration Tribunals

Greek Committees - Tribunals
130/1994, 226/1994, 285/1994, 342/1994 Committee Court of Appeal/National Football Federation, 171/1991 One Membered Tribunal/Football Union S.A., 59/1991 Sporting Ethics Committee

Index III - Sports Legislation

I. International Sports Legislation
1. International Olympic Committee.
2. International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS) - Rules for the Resolution of Disputes Arising During the Olympic Games.

II. National Sports Legislation

a) Hellenic
Regulation of subjects concerning PAE and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Division Clubs, MD 15612 (GG 366/18-5-1994 iss. A').
Definition of provisions, conditions and period of registration and deregistration of amateur football players of amateur football clubs during 1994-95, MD 15742 (GG iss. A).
Regulation concerning refereeing football matches, MD 29815 (GG 623/13-8-1993 iss. A').
Regulation concerning coaches of basketball, MD 41556 (GG 658/9-11-1992 iss. A').
Regulation concerning coaches of volleyball, MD 1588 (GG 618/13-8-1993 iss. A').

b) Cypriot
Laws on Cypriot Athletic Organization from 1969 to 1993.

Volume II (1994-1995)
numbers 1, 2, 3, 4

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