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IASL is an international scientific association founded during the 1st International Congress on Sports Law, December 11-13, 1992 in Athens and seated in Olympia, Greece. Since then IASL is activated as far as administrative matters are concerned in Athens and in its President’s country of origin.



The objective of IASL is the cultivation and the development of the Science, the research and the teaching of Sports Law and the institution of the Olympic Games. The studies, the collection of the international sports jurisprudence, programming and consultative in the legislative, administrative, organizational and practical section of Sports Law and the institution of the Olympic Games, are the aims of the Association, as well as the following:

  • The establishment of a study, library and laboratories, studies similar to the scientific subjects of Sports Law and the institution of the Olympic Games.
  • The organization of scientific lectures, seminaries and Congresses over subjects that regard Sports Law internationally and the institution of the Olympic Games as well as lectures of a wider form and information that aim at the elevation of the cultural level and the education of the peoples, over subjects such as the instruction of Natural Education from the aspect of the Law and the Olympic Idea.
  • The publishing of scientific texts with similar objectives, of a scientific journal, organ of the Association as well as an informational leaflet.
  • The collaboration with other natural persons or legal entities internationally that share similar objectives and by
  • Every acceptable and legal means.


IASL members may be natural and/or legal persons actively participating in the research, teaching and practical application of Sports Law as well as the institution of the Olympic Games.

Whoever is interested in becoming member of IASL is asked to fill in an application form. The annual membership fee depends on the member’s status, according to the relevant categorization of the above application form.  For more information about benefits click here.

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International Association of Sports Law (IASL)

Themis Ramnoundos (the IASL logo)

Themis Ramnoundos

Themis was a goddess in ancient greek mythology, titan, daughter of Ouranos and Gaias, Jeus’s wife and adviser. She represented God’s Law, hospitality, Justice, law and order. Her children were Ores (Hour), Eunomia (Rule of law), Diki (Trial) and Irini (Peace) who also represent her virtues. From her mother she inherited the ability to foretell and Delph’s oracle.

Themis called the Gods over every time they were going to hold a meeting and she maintained order. She was the one who announced, in the end, Jeus’s decisions to humans. She was worshiped in almost every Greek city. In Athens existed a sanctum donated to Themis near Asklipian’s temple towards west.

She was represented with her eyes binded (symbol of unprejudiced) and holding a balance or the horn of plenty. In some vessels she was seated in tripod and delivered oracles. Her priests observed the law.