About Members of IASL

IASL members may be natural and/or legal persons actively participating in the research, teaching and practical application of Sports Law as well as the institution of the Olympic Games. Whoever is interested in becoming member of IASL is asked to fill in an application form. The annual membership fee depends on the member€™s status, according to the relevant categorization of the above application form.

Aiming to improve the benefits that IASL offers to its members and to attract new ones, we are putting forward the following movements that we already have done.

Subscription payment: The payment of the member's annual subscription, as it is described below, could be made through the highly secure application of electronic transaction through internet using VISA or MasterCard Credit Card. For the members this will have a number of benefits, some of which are:
  1. Significant time saving.
  2. Avoiding tedious chores.
  3. No cost of remittance which approaches the subscription value.
  4. Precise information of IASL regarding the subscriber.
  5. Automatic registration of the subscriber in the IASL membership list and simultaneous update of the corresponding database.

Alternative subscription payment: For members that do not like to do their payment through internet using a Credit Card, the payment of the member's annual subscription could be made through the account of a Bank or sending a EURO-cheque.

Important: You should not omit to write down your name as a member of IASL in case you proceed to payment by bank transfer. Otherwise, the system won't be able to identify the person with the payment done.


Extra benefits for IASL Members:

Free of charge the journal: International Sports Law Review Pandektis.
50% discount on registration fees of IASL Congresses.
Right to participate in IASL General Assemblies.
Voting rights for the Election of the Board of Directors of IASL.
Free access to important information and data through Internet.
Free 2MB POP3 e-mail box like as "x_lastname@iasl.org".
Free space and on-line creation of Internet page.
After achieving cooperation with SLPC, a 20 % discount is offered  to all our members on all activities organized and publications made by SLPC, by showing their membership card.

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