1st Congress Proceedings

"The Science of Sports Law: National and International Sports - Sports Justice"

D. Panagiotopoulos (ed.) 1993

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Scientific Committee:

Dimitrios Tsatsos, Professor, Panteion University of Athens, Greece
John Panoussis, Professor, Vice-Rector of University of Thrace, Greece
George Avlonitis, Professor, Athens University of Economics, Greece
Dimitrios Bardoutsos, Judge, President of Judges of the Administrative Court of Appeal, Greece
Konstantinos Chatziconstantinou, Asst. Professor, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Gerassimos Dionyssatos, Judge of the First Instance Courts, Greece
Patrick Jacq, Judge of the Administrative Court of Appeal, Nancy, France
Anastassios Marinos, Vice-President to the Council of State, Greece
Costas Mavrias, Professor, University of Thrace, Greece
Keba M’Baye, Judge, Member of the International Court of Justice (The Hague), President of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (C.A.S.), Lausanne
James Nafziger, Professor, Willamette University, Oregon USA
Paroula Naskou-Perraki, Asst. Professor, University of Thrace, Greece
Louis-Edmont Pettiti, Judge, Member of the European Court for Human Rights, Strasburg
E. Reschke, Dr. jur. Professor, Koln Sporthochschule, Germany
Gilbert Schwaar, Dr. jur., Secretary General of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (C.A.S.), Lausanne
Charis Tagaras, Asst. Professor, Panteion University of Athens, Greece
Christos Tsouramanis, Dr. Criminology, Greece
Evangelos Venizelos, Professor, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Klaus Vieweg, Professor, University of Erlangen, Nurnberg, Germany


Introduction: Scientology of Sports Law

  • G. Farantos, “Theory of the Science of Sports Law”.
  • L. Silance, “Le Sport, ses legles et la loi”.
  • D. Panagiotopoulos, “Issues on scientific determination and application of Sports Law”.
  • G. Auneau, “L’ application de la legislation sociale au secteur sportif et du loisir sportif dans l’ Europe Communautaire”.
  • O. Ioannidis, “Producing Sports Law in Cyprus”.
  • E. Papakyriakou, “The Origins of Sports Law”.

I. Institutional Dimension of Sports
  • E. Venizelos, “The institutional character of Sports”.
  • Eugeni Gay Montalvo, “La liberte de circulation des sportifs professionnels”.
  • A. Marinos, “General View of the Council of State precedents for Sports”.
  • G. Strouzas - V. Economou, “The representation in front of the G.A. of a superior Sport Association and the right to vote”.
  • T. Vassileva, “Legal status and structure of Sports Associations in Bulgaria”.
  • V. Georgiou, “The regulative role of the State in Sports - The case of Cyprus”.

II. Institutional Dimension of Sports - Law AND Economy

  • A. Loverdos, “The protection of Sports as an individual and social right”.
  • K. Vieweg, “Sponsoring and Sports Law”.
  • G. Avlonitis - G. Kouremenos, “Marketing and Sports”.
  • D. Vlachavas - N. Grivas - E. Kechris, “Financial Budget of Sports Associations”.
  • A. Assimakopoulos, “The special characteristics of Sports as a market”.

III. Sports Law and International Sports
  • J. Nafziger, “Interlocking rings of International Sports Law”.
  • L.E. Pettiti, “Droit, Sport et Convention Europeenne des Droits de l’ homme”.
  • Ch. Tagaras, “E.E.C. Law repercussions on Sports”.
  • D. Gargalianos, “Remarks upon the New European Sports Charter”.
  • G. Patieridis, “International skiing rules in the ski-fields”.

IV. Special Issues of Sports Law

  • D. Liaros, “The penal dimension of the anti-athletic behaviour”.
  • Ch. Tsouramanis, “Dealing with violence in Greek sport fields”.
  • J. Papadogiannakis, “Doping as a criminal offence”.
  • M. Papaloukas, “The role of the State and Sport agencies in the legal confrontation of doping”.

V. Sport Disputes
  • K. Remelis, “Concept and nature of disciplinary sport disputes”.
  • Ch. Kefalas, “The application problem of the Greek Civil Code general clauses in special contracts concerning sport services”.
  • A. Tambakis, “Trial of labour sport disputes”.
  • R. Sturzebecker, “Negligence in Sports - Tort Liability”.
  • S. Dionyssatos - K. Dris, “The legal status of a Sport Judge”.
  • J. Voultsis, “Objective liability in the Greek Sports Discipline Law”.
  • Th. Papaioannou, “Relations between a professional athlete and his sport club according to the Greek Law 1958/91”.

VI. Sport Justice
  • P. Jacq, “L’ intervention du Juge dans le reglement des conflits sportifs dans les Etats-Membres de la Communaute Europeene”.
  • K. Chrissostomidis, “Relations between Sport Justice and Administration Justice”. * G. Schwaar, “Tribunal Arbitral du Sport”.
  • G. Dionyssatos, “The principle of publicity in the process of sport trial”.
  • Ch. Venardos, “The prevailing Discipline Law of Sport Clubs and Federations and the procedure of its granting”.
  • Ch. Christodoulatos, “Sport-fans Committee and Discipline Sports Law”.
  • S. Kostakos, “Fair play in the field of football”.
  • A. Foussekis, “Creteria for the selection of a Sport Judge”.
  • S. Kolokotronis, “Intervention”.