2nd Congress Proceedings

"Ethics on Sport"

D. Panagiotopoulos (ed.) 2000

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Scientific Committee:

Luc Silance, Professor, University of Brussels, Belgium
Gerard Auneau, Professor, University of Toulouse, France
Roger Blanpain, Professor, University of Leuven, Belgium
Konstantinos Chatzikonstantinou, Asst. Professor, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Konstantinos Crhissostomidis, Judge, President of Judges of Administrative Court of Appeal, Greece
Wolfgang Decker, Professor, Supreme School of P.E. of Koln, Germany
Gerassimos Dionyssatos, Judge of the First Instance Courts, Greece
George Farantos, Professor, University of Athens, Greece
Herbert Haag, Professor, University of Kielo, Germany
Patrick Jacq, Judge of the Administrative Court of Appeal, Nancy, France
Denis Levy, professor, University of Paris II, France
James Nafziger, Professor, Willamette University, Oregon USA
Dimitrios Paqnagiotopoulos, Asst. Professor, University of Athens, Greece
Stylianos Perrakis, Assoc. Professor, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
Louis-Edmont Pettiti, Judge, Member of the European Court for Human Rights, Strasburg, France
Gilbert Schwaar, Dr. jur., Secretary General of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (C.A.S.), Lausanne, Switzerland
Evangelos Venizelos, Professor University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Klaus Vieweg, Professor, University of Erlangen, Nurnberg, Germany



  • G. Farantos, «Regula Lesbia in Sports Law».

Morals, Ethics and Law Sports

  • L. Silance, “Law and Ethics in Sports”.
  • Th. Philipp, “Ethics and Sport: A subtopic of the theory field of Sport Philosophy”.
  • W. Decker, “The gymnasium law in Ancient Greece”.
  • D. Panagiotopoulos, “Participation in Sports activities and Athletic morals”.
  • R. Sturzebecker, “The role of Law”.

I. The Sporting Spitrit and Sporting Attributes

  • A. Sassalos, “Comments on the decisions of the Council of State relative to sporting attributes”.
  • Th. Stathis, “State institutions in Sports, guarantee - preservation of the Olympic spirit”.
  • G. Auneau, “The concept of the Sport business in French and European Community Law”.
  • P. Jacq, “The concept of the Sport business in French and European Community Law”.
  • Thr. Kontaxis, “Sports Ethics and Social Reality”.
  • S. Kolokotronis, “Player’s violence and arrogance in professional sport - Sporting spirit in ammateurish sport”.
  • D. Panagiotopoulos - E. Voyzika, “Sporting attributes according to the Greek Law”.

II. The Right to Sports Activities -

  • K. Remelis, “Limitations Constitutional rights of Athletes”.
  • F. Geli Simon, “Sports Law in Spain nowadays”.
  • C. Crhissostomidis, “Sports activities of special groups of the population and the European Council”.
  • D. Gagas, “A new dimension of the role of the National Olympic Committees in Europe nowadays”.
  • A. Bredimas, “The International Constitution of Physical Education and Sports of UNESCO - Legal Political dimension and Prospect”.

III. Negative Phenomena In Sports and Sports Law

  • E. Gay Montalvo, “Ethics and Sports: Sports as a means to approach people”.
  • K. Vieweg, “Legal problems of Doping Control - The German experience”.
  • D. Liaros, “The moral and legal demerit of the doping instigator”.
  • L.E. Pettiti, “Security in the stadiums”.
  • Cr. Tsouramanis, “The Communicative approach to hooligan behaviour”.
  • G. Dionyssatos, “Bribery as a form of Sports immorality”.
  • Hossein Aghaie Nia, “In the name of God; Abuse of rights on Sports”.
  • S. Giatsis, “From L. BXKA'/1899 to L. 5620/1932”.
  • J. Maragou, “Violations of the terms of a specific part of the Greek Penal Code because of the athletic events, during 1992-1993”.
  • M. Papaloukas, “Doping and the Athletic Ideals”.
  • T. Lemens, “Sports, Doping and Clashing Values”.
  • D. Panagiotopoulos - G. Soukos - E. Galanos, “An explanation concering different issues and problematics of the regulative framework of the basket ball coaches”.
  • A. Kriemadis, “Modern Management Systems: An introduction to strategic planning in Sports Organizations”.

IV. Sport Trial and Concept of Sport Justice

  • R. Blanpain, “The role of the Judge in sports litigation”.
  • D. Levy, “Judicial power and sport power”.
  • Z. Taoufik, “The legal character of Sports practice in Tunesia”.
  • G. Schwaar, “Court of Arbitration for Sport”.
  • A. Tambakis, “The nature of labor relations according to the Greek precedents”.
  • K. Koukouris, “Power relations in clubs and the disengagement of experienced Greek male athletes from Sports”.
  • D. Panagiotopoulos - G. Strouzas, “Arbitration agreements in the Sports Court of Arbitration”.
  • S. Dionyssatos, “Observations on the process of resolvings sports disputes”.