5th Congress Proceedings

"Sports and European Community Law - International Implications"

D. Panagiotopoulos (ed.) 1997

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Scientific Committee:

Gerard Auneau, Professor, University of Toulouse, France
Pierre Collomb, Professor, University of Nice, France
Martin Greenberg, Professor, Marquette University, USA
Robert Davis, Professor, University of Mississippi, USA
Spiridon Karalis, Councillor of State, Greece
James Nafziger, Professor, Willammette University, Oregon, USA
Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Physical Education and Sports, University of Athens, Sports Scientist, Advocate, Greece
Matthieu Reeb, Counsel to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Switzerland
Klaus Vieweg, Professor, University of Erlangen, Germany
Hossein Aghaie Nia, Professor, University of Tehran, Iran
Stamatis Giakoumelos, Judge of the Court of Appeal, Sports Judge, Greece



  • Georgios Farantos, “The conception of Justice derived from the eastern pediment of Zeus temple in Olympia”.

I. European Community law within Sports Activities

  • Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, “Field of application and effects of the European Community Law on Sports Activities”.
  • Gerard Auneau, “The application of Community Law on the sector of Sport”.
  • Marios-Daniel Papaloukas, “The effects of Law of competition on Sports”.
  • Stamatis Giakoumelos, “The Influence of European Community Law on Sports and, in Particular, on its adverse expressions”
  • Maria Leon Papathanassiou, “The Legislative Horizon of Community Law on Recreation, Leisure and Tourism Sports”.

II. Rights and Obligations of Athletes and Sports Administrators: Amateurs Sports Activities, Contracts of Athletes

  • Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Ippokratis Alexiou, “Contracts of Athletes In Greece and European Community Law”.
  • Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Dimitris Prokopiou, “The Deliege Case: The effects of Community Law on Sports Regulations”.
  • Robert Davis, “Olympic Competition: An opportunity to participate or a privilege with Obligations”.
  • Spiridon Karalis, “The Obligation of the athlete to remain in his Club and the compatibility of this obligation with the European Community Law”.
  • Martin Greenberg, “Sports Contracts”.

III. Applications and InfluenceE of the European Community Law on International Sports Relations

  • Matthieu Reeb, “The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) : An Institution for settling sports-related disputes by arbitration”.
  • Georgios Kripas, “Sport & European Community Law, Jurisprudence Solutions”.
  • Patrick Jacq, “The free movement of Sports Educators and Coaches in the European Union”.
  • D. Panagiotopoulos, Zizi Kourogeni, “European Legislation and exclusive television broadcasting of Sports Games”.
  • Konstantinos Chrissostomidis, “International Organisations of Sports”.