10th Congress Proceedings

Sports Law Implementation and the Olympic Games

Editor: Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos
Publisher : Ant. N. Sakkoulas
© Copyright 2005, Editions Ant. N. Sakkoulas

25-27 November, Athens, 2004, "Sports law Implementation and the Olympic Games". Organised by The International Association of Sports Law (iasl) and the Hellenic Center of Research on Sports law (h.c.r.s.l.), with The co-operation of The National and Capodistrian University of Athens.






The Sports Management Department, University of Peloponnese - The Athens bar Association - Under the auspices of:

  • The Hellenic ministry of Education
  • The Hellenic ministry of culture - general secretariat for the Olympic Games
  • The international Olympic academy (ioa)
  • The municipality of Athens University of Athens


  • Sports institutions and sport law
  • National sports legal Systems
  • European Law and Sports Activities
  • Resolution of sports disputes
  • Sports Disputes and Sport Justice
  • Sports Jurisdiction and Fair Trial
  • Sports law and the olympic games
  • Conventional, Economical, and Political Aspects of the Olympic Games
  • Bibliography

Official congress languages: Greek, English, French
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