International Sports Law And Lex Sportiva, Adstract in XI IASL Congress

Nov 03 2006 | 4:01 PM

This paper is a continuation of the thesis put forward by Professor Panagiotopoulos about the special nature of Lex Sportiva.

It will examine the nature and the quality of Lex Sportiva in the context of international law, will indicate the special features of Lex Sportiva and try to establish the legal nature of international sports law as a subspecies of international law, or as a different species of law.

“Law is a coercive order. It provides for socially organized sanctions and these can be clearly distinguished from a religious order on the one hand and a merely moral order on the other hand. As a coercive order, the law is that specific social technique which consists in the attempt to bring about the desired social conduct of men through the threat of a measure of coercion which is to be taken in case of … legally wrong conduct”. Kelsen in the same work affirms the nature of international law as true law. However, to this day the lack of enforcement of international law remains the ειδο???ι???δι?±?????¬ of international law, which constitutes a different species of law from domestic law.

Note: Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos, Panayiota Xristofili
Hellenic Center of Research on Sports Law (HSRSL)*, Adstract in XI IASL Congress"

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