1st Hellenic Congress in Sport Management


Wold Congress in Sport Management & 1st National Congress in Sport Management


3-5 June 2005, Sparta Laconia

Co-Organized : Prefecture of Laconia

Guildelins to Delegates

Submission of Abstracts:
Abstracts should be submitted to the Secretariat of the Congress by e-mail.

Deadline for submission: April 10 th 2005

For abstracts, see the relevant section
Duration of the presentation will be 8 minutes. A data-slide projector (the presentation files should be of the Microsoft Power Point 2000 form) will be available for the presentations. The presentation file (in Computer disk 1,44 MB or CD) should be submitted to the technician one hour before the beginning of the thematic unit at the Conference room, where the presentation will take place. The posters should be 135x115 cm.

Greek and English with simultaneous translation. Greek authors advised to write the abstract both in Greek and English language.

Publication of Abstracts:
All abstracts, of both oral and poster presentations will be published in a special issue of the «Journal of Sport Organization», a four year edition of our Department.

Publication of Papers:
The delegates can also publish a full paper of their presentation in the «Journal of Sport Organization», according to authors' guidelines.

Social Programme:
During the Congress, participants are invited to book, in advance, for excursions and visites to archaeological sites and museums.

How to get to Sparta:

You can get to Sparta, the capital of Lakonia prefecture, by car from Athens airport which takes about 3 hours.

During your staying in Sparta you can enjoy the natural beauties and the sunny beaches of the region (Mistras, Gytheion andTaygetos), which are 20 Km away from Sparta.

During the period of congress, the weather is agreeable and the temperature ranges from 18-25 o C.

Hotel Accommondation
Special arrangements have been made with several hotels (Information: tel. +27310-89658, 89659, 39621, Fax: +27310-89657).

Guidelines for the abstract form
Write the abstract using Microsoft Word 2000 with letters Arial, (10 pt) in single space. Avoid indenting the paragraph. At first, please write how would you like to present your paper in form of an oral communication or a poster.

Arial 10 pt, upper case, bold, justified, single-spacing, not up to 18 characters.

Arial 10 pt, upper case, alignment left, single-spacing, 3 pt after author. Order: LastName1 FirstName1 Initial(s)1, LastName2 FirstName2 Initial(s)2, .The author that will present the paper should be underlined (see example).

Arial 10 pt, lower case, alignment left, single-spacing, 6 pt after the last institution. Order: Institution, City, Country (use one single line for each institution).

The abstract must be limited to 200 words.

The abstract must include the purpose, methodology, statistics, results and conclusion(s) of the study. Abstracts without a statement of results and conclusion(s) will be rejected. All abstracts will undergo a blind review process in order to be accepted

Important deadlines

  • 10 April 2005 submission of abstracts
  • 20 April 2005 papers' acceptance confirmation
  • 30 April early registration

Send your file (Microsoft Word 2000) containing the above by e-mail: asterg@uop.gr

Main Topics


  • Sport Sponsoring
  • Management and Marketing of Sport Organizations (Amateur-Professional)
  • Sport Brand Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Sport Economics
  • Sport Tourism and Sport Recreation
  • Sport Law
  • Sport Organization in Universities
  • Sport And Media Relations
  • New Technology in Sport Management
  • Sport Management and Globalization
  • Sport and Public Relations
  • Organization of Major Athletic events. The Olympic experience.
  • Management of International Athletic Organizations and Word Federations
  • Special topics in Sport Management
  • Sport and Safety Management


Round Tables


  • Management of Modern Sport Facilities, The Olimpic Games Experience
  • Organizational Structure of Modern Sport Organizations
  • Viability of Sport Organizations through Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Professional Sport and the European Union.Current Issues and Future Directions
  • The Develpment of Sport Tourism.An investigation of the Current Trends in the field Graduate studies in Sport Management : Opportunities and limitations in a global environment
  • The current status of the Sport Industry in the USA
  • Medical Services in Sport
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