First Legal Arab Sport Forum, 23-24 April 2010, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The SHIAC ARBITRATION CENTRE organizes the First Legal Arab Sport Forum, which is taking place on the 23-24 April 2010, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with subject: "Arab Lex Sportiva".

In this Forum will be participated from IASL, as invited lectures, the Assoc. Prof. University of Athens, Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, President of IASL and the member of IASL Mr. Sergios Manarakis.

The forum will be joined by all the think tanks of Sport law in the Arab World and organized by" SHIAC" in collaboration  with several ministries of youth and Sport and Arab federations of Sport.



This First Legal Arab Sport Forum "Arab Lex Sportiva" held in Sharm El-Sheikh will cover the following topics:
1- The future of Arab sports legislation.
2- The contracts of professional players and their implications.
3- Commercial Exploitation of Sports Events.
4- The interaction between FIFA and the Court of Arbitration of Sport" CAS".
5- Mediation and Arbitration as means of resolving sports disputes.
6- Leading Experiences for the Establishment of National Courts of Arbitration
resolving Sport Disputes.









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