Course International Relations Wibinar

After the Institutional greetings message by IASL President Professor Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, there are three speakers: Anatoly Peskov, IASL BoD member and IARA President; Slawomir Fundowicz, professor of the Catholic University "John Paul II" of Lubeck, and Emmanouoil Laskaridis, Ph.D. and Attorney at Law. The goal of the round table is to deepen the effects of international relations on the status of sports autonomy. Is this concept still relevant or is a sport (and sports competitions) heavily influenced by international events? If we believe that sport can really be an effective tool for promoting peace and democratic coexistence (EU White paper on the sport), considering, instead, the strong conditioning to which it is subjected, what spaces of real autonomy it has to carry out this important function?"

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