The new website of IASL

IASL welcomes you to our new website. This is the third redesign of IASLs website since 1999. The website have the following structure:

Website Structure

Information about IASL

Here you may found information about International Association of Sports Law such as the details about the board of directors, Contact information and how to become an IASL member instructions.

Sports Law Congresses

Information about the forthcoming IASL Congress such as Welcome Notes, Registration and Accommodation instructions. You can also find information and results of previews (17 till today) congresses that IASL organized or participated.

Library and downloads

Useful information about Sports Law such as Case Law – jurisprudence, Legislation, IASL electronic books and links, free for IASL members.

Sports Law Articles

Important articles about Sports Law written by Sports Law Professionals and IASL members.

Sports Law Publications

In this section listed books about Sports Law and IASL. Also listed the issues of International Sports Law Review known as Pandektis and finally you can found Books about sports law that IASL suggests you.

Sports Law News and Events

This sections announces news about IASL, IASL Events and Events about Sports Law generally.



The website is fully searchable by Search form.


The security of website extended

Account management

Now IASL Members can easy access and manage their account, make online payments and print invoices.

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