17th World IASL Congress


1.    IASL new BoD for third term (2012-2014)

New President of IASL re-elected the Professor at the University of Athens and Vice-Rector of Central Geek University Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos, as well as many members from the former BoD and a few new members (see https://iasl.org/pages/en/about_iasl/board_of_directors.php).

2.    News from  17th IASL Congress in Moscow 27-30 Sept. 2011

In Moscow took place the International congress on sports Law, organized from IASL and Russian Organizing Committee on Tuesday 27 until Friday 30th September 2011. In the opening ceremony were present the IASL President Professor Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos and many members of IASL Board of Directors and from Russian Organizing Committee and the Moscow State Law Academy.
In the 17th IASL Congress participated many people from all over the world, approximately 150.. In the opening ceremony, which took place in the Moscow Law Academy, basic speaker was the IASL President Prof. Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos. He, on behalf of IASL, thanked the Russian Organizing Committee of 17th IASL Congress and he also gave to them and to the Co-President of 17th Organizing Committee Mr. Davidyants Vagan congratulations for the successful works of this IASL Congress in Moscow. Then, Professor Panagiotopoulos posed the basic theoretic principals in sports law and its big role in sports action and for the involvement in sports activities internationally and wished to IASL participants, invited lectures, officials and presenters.
This congress led to many results concerning many general and special topics of sports law as well as concerning the discussion for Lex Sportiva and Lex Olympica and sports Jurisdiction.

3.    General Assembly Decisions

a.    The major result from this congress was the decision of the congress participants to create a text for the “International Constitutional Charter for Sports Activities”. This Text elaborated the team under the   Assist. Professor Dmitri Rogachev from the Russian Law Academy. For further collaboration of this charter as a final text, the general assembly of IASL created a new special committee under the Assist. Professor Dmitri Rogachev, who will submit it for approval in next IASL Congress, Oct.10-12, 2012 to Beijing.

b.     The IASL General Assembly decisions:
i.      The IASL general assembly decided the composition of IASL Constitutional Committees as well as the  IASL executive Board, the IASL Award Committee and the IASL Scientific Committee.
ii.      Also, the General Assembly decided that the new IASL BoD will be composed by  all others committees.
iii.     Finally, the general assembly confirmed that next IASL congress (18th )will take place in Oct. 10-12, 2012 in Beijing, China. Then, the 19th IASL Congress will take place in Bali, Indonesia, 2013. The other candidate countries will inquire in the next congress in Beijing.

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