Postgraduate students of the Russian International Olympic University to IASL President

Dear Professor Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos!

We, postgraduate students of the Russian International Olympic University, express our concern over the fact that many negative phenomena threaten the sports integrity.

We ask the International Association of Sports Law to make proposals to the International Olympic Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency, international federations of sports and other international sports organizations aimed to strengthen the cooperation between all countries in the fight against violence, racism and extremism, doping, match-fixing , illegal betting and other phenomena that undermine the sports integrity.

Sport must unite people, serve as an instrument of social justice, peace and friendship among peoples, especially now during the aggravation of the international situation.

Sport must be protected from terrorism, the influence of politics and excessive commercialization.

We are ready to participate in the implementation of any IASL program, aimed protecting the people’s friendship in our planet.

We are ready to declare the policy zero tolerance to all persons who trying to destroy the Russian and international sports integrity.

We are ready to cooperate with IASL for the sake these noble objectives.

Postgraduate students of the Russian International Olympic University

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