Sports Law - Lex Sportiva & Lex Olympica

Author: Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos
title: Sports Law Lex Sportiva & Lex Olympica (revised edition)
subject: Public Law
date published: 28/09/2017
Publisher: biblionet
ISBN: 978-154-63-47156
language: English
pages: 740


The book is designed to cover the historical development of sports law and addresses the fundamental issues of this field of law, whereas at the same time it analyses some of the most important contemporary legal issues of the field. The book includes 6 Parts.

1. Part I bears the title “Theoretical Foundation of Sports Law”. This Part analyses sports law as a special branch of academic study and raises the question what is sports law, whereby the issues addressed are the principles of sports law, its origin, process, grounds, aetiology, legitimacy, meaning, nature, structure, substance, character and system. Effort is made to lay down systematic foundations for sports law as a special branch of knowledge. Lastly, reference is made to the policy at EU level on sport.

2. Part II includes a “Sports Law Theory”. In this Part, sports rules as rules of law are = explored and law is placed in theoretical terms within the context of sports rules. In that way, the legal aspects of physical and sporting activity are examined. This is followed by a discussion on the emergence and establishment of the international sports legal order, as well as on its relation with the traditional legal orders.

3. Part III addresses some important contemporary legal issues affecting the organisation and regulation of sport activities. They are divided into six major categories: Ethics in Sport (sporting spirit and fair play), Doping in Sport, Choregia - Sponsoring, Broadcasting of Sport Games, Human Rights of Minor Athletes and Betting.

4. Part IV covers the Law of the Olympic Games (Lex Olympica). It includes not only the historical development of the Games and its regulation starting from ancient Greece, but also the current regulations and legal status of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as issues that rise from the participation of athletes in the Olympic Games.

5. Part V analyses the sporting jurisdictional order and its fundamental principles (fair trial), focusing on the international sporting jurisdictional system and the role of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

6. Finally, Part VI includes the basic elements of the Greek Sports Law, analysing the state law and federations’ regulations on Amateur and Professional Sport, Sport Club and Sport Federation, Sports criminal law (Penalties and criminal sanctions), Labour Law in Sport (Providing and offering sports services).

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