E - Learning Sports Law
International Sports Law

Began on Monday 25th September 2017 , New cycle 2022

The course is offered in collaboration with IASL (International Association of Sports Law).

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New issue: 1-2, 2022, Volume 14

The Official Journal of "International Sports Law Review Pandektis"

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e-Lex Sportiva Journal

The Official Journal of IASL "e- Lex Sportiva Journal"

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Sports law in Hungary

Presentation of the bookof Prof. Andras Nemestitled €œSports Law in Hungary
22 May , 2018, in the Bar Association of the Hungary, Budapest

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On 16 May 2022 it will be held the round table How Do International Relations Affect Sports Autonomy?, organised by the course of International Relations of the Master in Communication and Policies for Sport (University of Teramo - Italy). After the Institutional greetings message IASL President Professor Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, there are three speakers :Anatoly Peskov, IASL BoD member and IARA President; Slawomir Fundowicz, professor of the Catholic University "John Paul II" of Lubeck and Emmanouoil Laskaridis, PhD and Attorney at Law.The goal of the round table is to deepen the effects of international relations on the status of sports autonomy. Is this concept still relevant or is sport (and sports competitions) heavily influenced by international events? If we believe that sport can really be an effective tool for promoting peace and democratic coexistence (EU White paper on sport), considering, instead, the strong conditioning to which it is subjected, what spaces of real autonomy it has to carry out this important function?"

Sports Law Honorary Ceremony

At the University of Athens, Friday 19 May 2017, took place Honorary Ceremony for HRH Prince NAWAFBINFAISAL Sports Law Honorary Ceremony.

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International Symposium of Sports law

Theory and Practice of Sports Law
in New Era.
On September 15, 2018 took place in Beijing

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International Symposium of Sports law

Football law and Justice

Specific issues:
Big Sports Events

Athens, 17th March 2018, TITANIA HOTEL, Panepistimiou Str. 52

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Marrakech Sports Law Symposium

Marrakech Morocco Dec. 27th -29th, 2016

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Symposium for the memory

of the Prof. +Lucio Colantuoni

Sports Jurisdiction and Arbitration in Sports Activities
Unite Master in Diritto ed Economia Dello Sport nell Unione Europea ASL
Teramo, 8 July 2016


New Publications of Sports Law

Project of Research in Sports Law

Sports Law in the 21th Century

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Responsibility in Sports Activities
Jurisdiction and Ethics

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Sports law Lex Sportiva & Lex Olympica Read More

SPORTS LAW, 22 Years I.A.S.L:
Lex Sportiva - Lex Olympica and Sports Jurisdiction Experience - Development & Perspective

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Sports Law - Structures, Practice, Justice, Sports Science and Studies

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At the University of Athens, Friday 19 May 2017, took place Honorary Ceremony for HRH Prince NAWAF BIN FAISAL for the cultivation and the development of the Sports Law in the Middle East and the ...

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