Invitation in 17th IASL Congress

May 10 2011 | 12:11 AM

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am so glad that the 17th IASL Congress will take place in Russia (Moscow), a country with a great tradition in the field of Sports and Games.
The topic science of this Congress is orientated in the necessity of the establishment of an International Constitutional Charter of Sports as a legitimizing basis of the international Sports and Games, as well as of the rules of international Sports Organizations which regulate the undertaking of Sports and the people being involved in them, such as Trainers, Athletes, factors of Sports and various other entities, relating to issues regarding the conduction and the field of Sports Games.
On these grounds, the Organizing Committee selected the science topic of the forthcoming Congress, which is “For an International Constitutional Charter of Sports Lex Sportiva – Lex Olympica”.
The participants in this Congress will have the chance to attend important sessions regarding special issues of Sports Law and in particular issues which concern the rules of Lex Sportiva - Lex Olympica and the international Sports Action. In addition, significant topics will be discussed in these sessions, the basic of which concern the general legal theory of Sports Law, Lex Sportiva and Lex Olympica, the European dimensions of Sports Law, special aspects of Sports Law, problems arising from sports practice as well as the fundamental issue of Sports jurisdiction.
Distinguished lectures, Professors in Sports Law area of various Universities, Researchers of high prestige and people involved in international Sports and the Olympic Games will take part in the 17th IASL Congress in Moscow.
I am certain that the imminent Congress will be a challenge for a new beginning in research and development of Sports Law internationally as well for IASL. The excellent preparation of the Congress by the members both of the Scientific Committee in Moscow and the Moscow Sports Institute guarantee the success of the Congress. At this point, I would like to thank in my capacity as the President of IASL the abovementioned members for their valuable assistance. It is also certain that not only the IASL members, but also all the participants in the 17th IASL Congress will live unforgettable moments from both a scientific as well as from a social and cultural point of view.
I invite via this letter all Friends and Colleagues dealing with Sports Law to participate actively in the Congress in Moscow, in September 2011.
Looking forward to see you soon,
IASL President  
Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos
Assoc. Professor, University of Athens
Vice-Rector University of Central Greece
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