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Anna Di Giandomenico

Italy Italy

Assistant Professor, University of Teramo

           Anna Di Giandomenico

          Asst. Prof., Faculty of Political Science, Teramo  University 
          Via Balzarini, 1 -   64100 Teramo - Italy



2001 - Phd in Legal and Bioethical Sciences (XIII Cycle) – University of Lecce
1995 - Master’s Degree in Political Science, magna cum laude – University of Teramo


2002 – present:   Assistant Professor  (Philosophy of Law – Teaching Area code: IUS/20)
1981 – 2002:  Municipal official at Roseto degli Abruzzi’s  Municipality


1996 – present: SIFD (Italian Philosophy of Law Society) member
1998 – present: IASL member

Teaching Activities

2003 – present: teacher  of   Bioethics at the Degree Course in Biotechnologies - University of Teramo
2014 - present: teacher of Biolaw at Master’s Degree in International and Administration  Political Science - University of Teramo

2006 - 2009: teacher of   Doping: Legal Theory and Discussing Cases at the Degree Course in Juridical, Economics and Managerial Science of Sport -  University of Teramo

2010 – 2013: teacher of Sports Offences: Legal Theory at Degree Course in Tourism and Sport Science - University of Teramo

2012-2014: teacher of of Sports Offences: Legal Theory at Master Degree in Sports and Tourism Management - University of Teramo

Main Areas of Expertise

Research interests focused both on bioethics and on sports law.

The first one led to the consideration of issues,  today arising because of  the spread of  biotechnological manipulation, especially for what concerns the challenges arising for Law in the contemporary age: in this sense see the speech Minors with a DSD Disease: Who decides what?, held at the XXIX SIFD National Congress Philosophy of Law between History o Ideas and New Technologies Ravenna 18-20 September 2014, as well as the essay Issues about Animals and Promotional  and Awarding Law, published in the Bio-Law Treatise, V, The Animal Issue.

The second one focused on sport and consisted in the analysis of sport, considered both from an ethical perspective as well as from a legal point of view. As regard the first point of view,    relationships, recognizable in sport, and the changes that can be produced as result of diffusion of doping are deepened: this has been the subject of an initial contribution, Bioethics and doping, published in the book Le luci dello sport. Una visione prismatica del fenomeno (2011).  An analysis, situated  within the broader context of a reflection about  the grounds of sport, which had a partial formalization in the speech Fair Play: a fundamental dimension of sport?, held at the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (Rome,  15-19   September 2010). As regard the second point of view, interest on Sports Law has developed according a Legal Theory perspective. In this sense, see several speeches and announcements, held yearly at  World IASL Congresses (Athens 2008, Warsaw 2009, Seoul 2010, Moscow 2011, Beijing 2012, Bali 2013, Athens 2014, Marrakech 2015, Sochi 2016) and SRLA Conference (New Orleans, 2016).  Former speeches have been formalized in a systematic manner in the book Doping: a Legal Theory (2011)


a)       Research monographs

2011 - Doping: Legal Theory , Edizione  Nuova Cultura, Roma, ISBN:9788861347328
2011 -Doping,Edizione  Nuova Cultura, Roma, ISBN:9788861346284
2005 -Percorsi di bioetica, Aracne, Roma, ISBN: 8854800597

b)       Editing

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c)        Essays on Reviews:

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d)       Essays in Books  

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e) Speeches  and announcements at Congresses/Conferences

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