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Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos

Greece Greece

PROFESSOR OF LAW, NATIONAL & KAPODISTRIAN UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, Attorney at Law in Supreme Court and Council of State.



Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Attorney at Law in Supreme Court and Council of State. Vice-Rector (f) and President of University Research Committee,University of Central Greece. Honorary Prof., Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China, Since May 2019. President of International Association of Sports Law.

E-mail: panagiod@otenet.gr, dpanagio@iasl.org, dpanagio@cc.uoa.gr


  •  Degree in Law, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.
  •  Graduate Sports Science and Ph.Ed., University of Athens -Thessaloniki.
  •  Master of Philosophy Studies, University of Athens.
  •  Doctor of Sports Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

B. Academic and professional positions

  •  Professor of Sports law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, since 2014
  • Associate Professor of Sports Law, University of Athens since 2005.
  •  Assoc. Prof. (PD 407) at the University of the Peloponnese in the years 2003-2008.
  •  Asst. Prof. of Sports Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 1992-2004.
  •  Lecturer, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 1988-1992.
  •  Advocate, Attorney at-Law in Supreme Court and Council of State, Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1992 .
  • Visiting Professor, Political and Economic Science of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2023
  •  Academic officer of the E-learning Sports Law and International Sports Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, since 2017
  •  Vice Rector, University of Central Greece, 2010-2013
  •  President at  the Research Committee of the University of Central Greece (2010-2013)
  • Director at  Summer School 2011, University of Central Greece.
  • Legal Consultant in many Legal persons and Sports Federations and organizations.
  •  Director of the personal Law Firm and Partners, who undertake law cases of Sports Law and cases in the fields of Commercial Law, Civil law, Contracts, & Torts, Product Liability Law, Labor Law, Comparative Law, Finance and Administrative Law.
  • Special Expert in Sports Law in the European Union.
  • Member of Sports law committees of Ministry of Culture.
  •  Member of the Legal Counsel of the Union of Anonym Society Companies since 2002.
  •  Member of the Committee of the European Presidency (2003-2004), responsible of sports legislation and the establishment of Sports Law Code.

C. Scientific activities

  •  Lectures in Sports Law Seminal ,  National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2022 
  • Author of  the  "Report on Greek Sports Law", in: Greek Law Digest,  Nomiki bibliothiki: Athens(2019),  pp. 617-626,
  •  Participation to the Rectors' Congresses of the Greek Universities (2010-2013)
  •  Participation in the Organization of many of Scientific Conferences - Congresses-Seminars - Symposiums, covering the Sports Science and Sports Law.
  • Member of many Greek and foreign scientific societies.
  •   President of the Greek Center of Sports Law Research (EKEAD).
  • · Author and editor of several scientific books and monographs. The project has been warmly commented upon by many personalities of political and scientific world and the daily press in Greece and abroad.
  •   Published work over 230 scientific studies in Greek and International scientific journals, with many reports of other Greek and foreign scientists and participation in many Greek and international scientific conferences and Congresses.
  •   President of the International Association of Sports Law (IASL) since 2009 (www.iasl.org), also Founder member and Secretary General from 1992 until 2008.
  •  Editor of the international journal of IASL "International Sports Law Review Pandektis", since 1992 and Greek journal “Lex Sportiva”, since 2013.

D. Invited lecturer at Universities:

  • China University of Political Science and Law, "Categoriesof Sports Law and Fields of Research and Implementation", Beijing 2018, China
  • Faculty in Law of Peter Pazmany University, Budapest 2018, Sports Law, Hungary,
  •  Niccolò Cusano University, Meaning and Forms of Liability in Sporting Action,  2017, Rome
  • Russian International  Olympic University, "Implementation of Sports Law",  Sochi 2016, Russia   
  •  Kadir Has University,  Sports Law and Sports Jurisdiction ,  Kadir Has Campus, Cibali Hall  June 27, Istanbul 2015, Turkey.
  • Dubai American University ,  First International Conference on Sports Management and Sports Law,   March 3 , Dubai  2015, United Arab Emirates.
  • Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy, Conference :  "Sports Law”: Moscow 30 May 2014 , Russia.
  • Moscow State Law University named after O. E. Kutafin (MGUA),   May 28,   Moscow 2013,  Russia.
  • International Congress  of  Sports Law, “ International Legitimacy of Sports, Sports Law and Sports Tourism, and Lex Sportiva” , with topic: “General principles of law in international sports activities and Lex Sportiva”, Bali 29-30 Oct. 2013, Indonesia.
  • International Round Table Discussion which took place in Jakarta, at hotel Atlet Century, Lex Sportiva Instituta  with topic: Sports Law, Sports Tourism And Terrorism , June 28th, 2013,Jakarta –Indonesia.
  • IMoscow State Law University named after O. E. Kutafin (MGUA), 7th International Conference on “Sport Globalization: Olympic Games and International Sport Competition”  28th  May  2013, Moscow, Russia  and  in the IX Annual International Science Conference, which was held on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 of the Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law of the Moscow State University of Law named after O. E. Kutafin (MSAL).
  • International Conference on Sports Law, Belarusian Republican Union of Lawyers”, with topic: “Aspects ofSportsLaw &Lex Sportiva”, April 18-19, 2013 Minsk, Belarus
  • Changan University and Korean Association of Sports & Entertainment Law, 10th KASEL International Conference on Sports Law. Topic: A new Tread of Sports Law, whit speech:  The field of Sports and European Union after the Lisbon Treaty”, 14-15 Oct.  2012Seoul, North Korea.
  • China Political Science and Law University Sports Law Structures, 18th IASL Congress. Topic:Sports Law Practice, Sports Law Justice and Sports Science and Studieswiht speech: Lex Sportiva Lex Olympica and International Sports law, 10-11 Oct. 2012, Beijing.
  • International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS 2012, 19-23 July 2012, with speech: “IASL Presentation on “The Status of Sports Lawyers in the World”, Glasgow. 
  • International Scientific Conference “Present-Day Sports Law in Belarus and Abroad”. Belarusian Republican Union οf Lawyers”, “Urspectr” Llc with Support of State Public Association “Presidential Sports Club”, with subject: Lex Sportiva And International Legitimacy In Sports Activities, In Minsk On April 27, 2012, Belarus.
  • sixth International scientific practical conference οf Moscow State Law Academy,With subject: Lex Sportiva: International or sui Generis  - “Unethnic” Law?  In Moscow, on 30 May 2012,Russia.
  • the Moscow State Law Academy named O.E. Kutafin, Conference "Sports Law: PROSPECTS FOR DEVELOPMENT"  Moscow 30 May 2011  Moscow, Russia,
  •  Kuban State University, International Conference «Topical Issues of Sport Law
    on the threshold of Olympic Games 2014»,  March 16-17   Krasnodar 2011, Russia
  •  Kwandong University 4th International Conference of the Asian Sports Law Association(ASLA) , Sports Law , 27th to 30th October 2011, Seoul South Korea
  • Balearic Islands Lawyers’ Chamber, I  ICAIB Sport slaw Congress 24-26 June 2010 , Palma de Mallorca, Spain 
  • Cyprus Olympic Committee, Cyprus Sports Law Symposium, September 2010, Nicosia: Cyprus.
  • First Legal Arab Sport Forum, Sharm El Sheikh International Arbitration Center (SHIAC) Forum, April 2010 Sharm Sheikh, Egypt.
  • Law Faculty of Peter Pazmany University, Sports Law Forum, March 2010, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Cyprus Olympic Committee, symposium, January, Nicosia: Cyprus 2010.
  • Invited from the Moscomsport Department of Russian Government for the development of Sports Law and for other sports law activities in Russia, May 2009, Moscow.
  • China University Political Science and Law, November 2007, Beijing.
  • Semmelweis University Budapest, April 2009 Budapest, Hungary.
  • China University Political Science and Law, 2009, Beijing, China.
  • Law School of Kondung University, November 2008, Seoul South Korea.
  • Beijing Foreign Languish University, Beijing 2007.
  • Congresses of IASL (16 Speeches) various Subjects since 1992-2010.


D. Honours

  • He received several awards and honours for the contribution in the arena of Sports law.
  • Received the Award Doric 2018, Doric Business Harmony, Athens
  • He received  a great scientific distinction, the International Award «Aisimnitis" 2005, from the Faculty of Law of the University of Johannesburg.
  • He received Honorary Plaque from the Cyprus Association of Physical Education and Sports Science.
  • He  received Honorary Plaque from the Greek Federation of Australia and
  • Gold Medal by the Greek Sports Press Association for his writing work in sports .

E. Social activities

  • Candidate Member of Greek Parliament of  the State in National elections in June 17, 2012
  • Candidate Member of Greek Parliament in the Second Region of Athens in national elections in April 9, 2000.

F. Publications