Committee of Integrity, Security and Safety on Sports Competition

Chief CounselorJames Nafziger (USA)


Anatoly Peskov,member of IASL BoD, PhD in Law, Head of Security Department of the Russian International Olympic University,an advocate, a member of the Commission on Sports Law of the Russian Union of Lawyers, retired colonel of police, a member of the Disciplinary Commission of the Russian Hockey Federation, Russian Federation.,


Daniel Gandert,member of IASL, a professor on the Clinical Faculty of the Northwestern University School of Law, the USA.

Anna Di Giandomenico, member of IASL, Phd, Assistant Professor Philosophy of Law Faculty of Political Science University of Teramo, Italy.

Michel Pautot, Lawyer, Sports Law Specialist, Legisport,

Huiying Xiang, Member of IASL, a professor at the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Secretary General of Sports Law Center, China.

Karina Zalcmane, Dr.iur. cand.,Asst Prof., lawyer LLC €œRD Management, Latvia. (Committee Secretary)

Paolo Garraffa, Member of IASL,Sports lawyer, Professor of Sports law, Italy

External Experts

  • Andriy Madzyanovskiy, Senior Counselor of Justice and Advocate, colonel, Vice-president of the FC Dynamo Kyiv, specialist on the fight against match fixing. (Ukraine)
  • Vladimir Semenov,advocate, retired colonel of Russian Army, specialist on antiterrorist activity in sports, Russia.
  • Jeno Molnar Head of Strategy Department, Secretariat of the National Crime Prevention Council, Ministry of Interior, police lieutenant colonel, Hungary.
  • Alena Redkina, Lecturer of Sports Law Chair of the Kutafin Moscow State Law, University Author and co-author of nearly 80 scientific works, including in English and Spanish.alena314@inbox.ruƒ