2nd Panhellenic Sports Law Congress (Participation)

Athens - Greece, October 12-14, 2001.

IASL has taken part in the organization of the 2nd Panhellenic Sports Law Congress, October 12-14, 2001 Athens, Greece. The topic of the Congress was "Sports Legal Order: Negative Phenomena in Sports and Sports Ethics".

The main organizer of the Congress was the Hellenic Research Center of Sports Law (ekead@iasl.org).

The development of the problematic of the second Panhellenic Congress on Sports Law consists of the following three topics:

1. Sports Legal Order

a. The law in national and international sports activities.
b. Applicable law and judicial responsibility in sport.

2. Negative Phenomena in Sport Activities and Law

a. Doping
b. Violence - Bribery - Fraudulent Supplies
c. Human rights and sports

3. Sport Deontology and Sport Ethics

a. Sports, Sporting Spirit and Fighting Morals
b. The Law in Coaching and fighting procedure of Athletes.
c. Code of Sports Deontology

2nd Panhellenic Congress, Athens 2001

2nd Panhellenic Congress, Athens 2001