Congress program with terms

17th IASL Congress, Moscow 27 – 30 September 2011

For an International Constitutional Charter of Sport: Lex Sportiva & Lex Olympica

Introductive Issues in Sports Law Theory 
The definition of “Sports Law”
Legal order of Sports Activities  
Fields of Sports Law Implementation
Professional Sport and International Legitimacy
Sports Clubs and Federations
Sports Law Globalization
Lex Sportiva 
Sports Rules: Law and non - Law
Rights and obligations of Athletes
Rights of professional Trainers of Sports
Player’s agents’ regulations
Sports law contracts
Professional Sports activities and Players Protection
Lex Olympica 
Olympic Movement and Relations
Participation in the Olympic Games
Citizenship and Olympic Athletes
Country of Olympic Games and Olympic Convention  
Truce Olympic Centre
European Sports Law 
Lisboan Treaty and Sports
Amateur and Professional Sports
Dominant Situation in Sports Activities
Gambling and Betting in Sports
Special Topics of Sports Law 
Sponsoring, Broadcasting in Sports
Legal Aspects of Sports Marketing and Management
Anti-Doping Regulation and WADA Code
Morals and Ethics on Sports and Violence treatment in sports events
The Environment and the Human Rights in Sports Activities
Sports Jurisdictional Order
Resolution of Sports Disputes  
Sports Arbitration and Court Arbitration of Sport (CAS)
Applicable Law and Decisions’ Executability in Sports Law
Ad Hoc CAS
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Mediation in Sports Disputes
Sports Case Law and Lex Sportiva
International Constitutional Charter of Sport   
Legitimacy in International Sports Activities
Individual and economic freedoms
Legitimatizing Basis in International Sports Actions
For a “Fair Trial” in Sport (“Orthtodikia” in Sport)