Presentations of 20th IASL Congress Sessions, 11-13 December, Athens 2014

Thursday 12th of December 2014

1st Session

Huiying XIANG: Motivation Function of Sports Law
Olga Shevchenko: On the Interaction of Sports Federations Rules and National Law
Hong-jun Ma: The Discussion on the Construction of the Contractual Relationship between Coaches and Athletes
Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos: Employment Relations in Sports Activities and Protection of Individual and Economics Freedoms, A Corpus Juris Athletiki
Vassiliki Ch. kapogianni: Sports & Lex under the Auspices of an Arbitrary Rex
Ahmad Yousefi Sadeghloo: Investigating Civil Responsibility of Arbitrators in Sports Contracts
Maria Francesca Serra: A Strange Case of Conflict: Labour Law vs. Federal Norms about Sport


2nd Session

Magdalena Kędzior: State aid in Sport in the European Union Law
Andreas Zagklis: Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT): A Quick, Efficient, Innovative Way to Settle Financial Disputes
Karolina Tetlak: Olympic Tax Law
Tang Yong: Global Sports Law and its Challenge to Jurisprudence
Daniel Gandert, Patrick Callaghan: The Spectrum of Questionable Behavior in Sport (Present: Daniel Gandert)
Hua-rong CHEN: Legislative Analysis of the Sports Statutory Law
Alkis Papantoniou: The FIFA Regulations on Working With Intermediaries: Implementation, Differences with the Current System and Challenges
Sergey Yurlov: Resolution of Sport Disputes Arising out of Sport Competitions
Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Angelos Patronis: Disciplinary Penalties to Persons Involved with Activities in the Field of Professional Team Sports
(Present: Angelos Patronis)
Magdalini Bellou: The Necessity for Regulation or/and Re-Regulation of Sports Labor Relation

3rd Session

Lauri Tarasti: Prevention of Sport Manipulation in Sports Law
Wang Xiaoping: Discussion of Referee's Subject Status and Responsibility of Behavior
Jalil Maleki, Yaghoub kadkhodaei: Sports Legal Regime of Iran
(Present: Jalil Maleki)
Luo Xiao-Shuang: The Impact of the Third Party's Benefits on the Chinese Football Player's Contractual Stability
Shah Murad: Settlement of Sports Related Disputes in Pakistan: In Search of Effective Solution
Alfonso León: Recent Changes on the Applicable Regulations Legally Binding upon Players' Agents and jurisprudence Related Thereto
Zhang Xiaoshi, Zhao Jing: Public Power Sources of China's Sports Associations and Analysis of Relevant Problems

4th Session

Klaus Vieweg: The Decisions of Sports Physicians from a Legal Perspective
Antonio Ricozzi: Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI ) independent Commission
Yoko Kushida: How a Dispute Resolution Body Can Make a Contribution to the Enhancement of Sport
Zhi Yongping, Li Xiao: A Study on the Application of General Principles of Law in Court of Arbitration for Sport
Johan Lindholm: CAS and Lex Sportiva: An Empirical Study
Dimitrios Goulas: The Validity of Restrictions on Trainee Athletes Signing their first Professional Contract under Greek Case-Law
Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos, Aikaterini Karaxaliou: The Principle οf Exclusion in the Framework of the National Sports Law, Procedural issues in the Administration of Justice (2725/1999 Gr. L., Art. 131) (Present:Aikaterini Karaxaliou)
Ali Malihzadeh: Expedited Arbitration in CAS
Alexey Kulik: Responsibility of subjects in sports area for distribution and use of prohibited preparations, methods and substances as doping in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation
Rae-hyouk Kang: Dealing with Sports Disputes in the Olympics: From Previous Cases to the Future Prospect
Zhongqiu Tan: Research on the Sporting Just Cause of Termination of a Professional Employment Contract
Luh Merry Dyanthi Wedawitry: Preventing Efforts Against Consuming Doping of Psychotropic Drugs Within Football Players at Football Organization and National Narcotic Bureau of Bali Province


Saturday 13th of December 2014

5th Session

John T. Wolohan: The NFL Concussion Settlement: A Look What it May Mean for Other Sports Leagues
Lucio Colantuoni: Coaches and Managers Contracts in Football: Peculiarities and Termination, Int'l and comparative stud
Özgerhan Tolunay: Sports Law in Turkey (as a sports law and governance model
Eduardo Carlezzo: The transfer market of football players and the implication of the FIFA regulations
Dimitrios Stavroulakis, Amalia Karabekou, Stephanos Karagiannis: Application of Communication Principles on Sports tourism. A Research on the Semi-Marathon of the City of Leivadia
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos: Global Sports Tourism and the Necessity of an Institutional Framework in Greece
Morteza Zangeneh: Criminal Responsibility of Sport Managers on Treatment way into Injured Athletes in Sports Activities Accordance to Codes of Islamic Republic of Iran
Marios Papaloukas: The Right to Use One's Name for Betting Services

6st Session

Kee-Young YEUN: Development of the Sports Industry and Product Liability
Alexandru-Virgil VOICU: Aspects οf Moral And Legal Legitimacy οf the Ideology οf Sport In Contemporary Society
Qian LI: The Development and Evolution of Torts Law ιn Negligence of Sports Injury - Focusing on Chinese Legislation, Practice and Jurisprudence
Shanxu Yu: China Sports Reform to a New Stage: Promoting the Rule of Law as the Core of Modern Governance
Mariia Tikhonova: Responsibility of athlete for use of a Prohibited substance or Method
Anna Di Giandomenico: The Convention on Manipulation of Sports Competition: A First Comment
Anatoly Peskov: Politics, Sports Medicine and the Spread of New Doping Technologies in Professional Sports

6st Session

Andras Nemes, The altered status of the Hungarian Olympic Committee
Patsantaras Nikolaos: Can Sports Law Contribute to Regulating Gender Inequalities in Sport?
Nader Shokri: The Bung in Sports
Salomeja Zaksaite: Doping in Chess: A Call for More Studies and Adapted Anti-Doping System
Hande Öztürk: Financial Fair Play Regulations and the Future of European Football
Patsantaras Nikolaos: Approaching Sport Space and Time through a Sport Sociological Perspective: Meanings and Usage in the Implementation of Legislation in Sport

7th Session

James Nafziger: The Evolution of International Sports Law
John Nauright:Human Rights, Social Justice and Gigantism in Sport: Subverting Democracy in the Drive to Accumulate Wealth and Power Through Sport
Anna Kyprianou: A world Against Corruption; Match Fixing
Majed M Garoub: Contradiction Between National and Sports Regulations and Their Impact on Sport Investment
Lingling Wei: Olympic Enclosure of Generic Words, has Event-Specific Legislation Struck the Right Balance?
Mehdi Yousefi Sadeghloo, Mahsa Mokarrami: Codification of Proved Sport Patterns: A Study of Its Necessity