Call for papers

Abstracts Submission Procedures

The abstracts must contain:
Title of the paper (maximum 15 words)
Full Name (s), Institutional Affiliation and Current Position, Phone Number and Email address.
Submission of a max 400-words abstract.
The deadline for abstract presentation is September 15th, 2018.
Abstracts must be sent to: or or
Presenters will be informed about the acceptance of their abstracts no later than September 20th,

Full Papers and General Guidelines for Presenters

The deadline for full papers (and power point) is October 31st, 2018.
Full papers (and power point) must be sent to: or or
Papers have to be original work, not published or presented either in full or in a re-worded form.

Each speaker has 15 minutes for a presentation. This time limit will be strictly enforced.
For the type of the Abstract see more: IASL Journals Guideline of Submissions Standards:

For more information or suggestions, please send an email to: or

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