16th World IASL Congress, 24-28 November 2010, Seoul, South Korea


Sports Law: Lex Sportiva, National Sports Law, and International Sports Law
November 24-28, 2010, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
Organizing Committee 16th IASL Congress On Sports Law, IASL 2010, Seoul, Korea, ISSN 1738-852X, 820 p. 
The main topic of the XXVI IASL World Congress that took place in November 2010, in Seoul, Korea, was “Sports Law: Lex Sportiva, National Sports Law, and International Sports Law”. The above mentioned Congress Proceedings are divided in two parts. The first part entitled “Sports Law in the World-Present and Perspective” includes several reports concerning Sports Law in different countries as well as the eventual conflict of norms that may appear. 
The second part, through its four divisions, is devoted to the different sessions in which several issues concerning Sports Law on national and international level were approached. More precisely, the following topics were analyzed throughout the different sessions: 
-Sports Rights and National Sports Basic Law (Civil Rights of Athletes, Sports Law and Fair Play, Sports Ethics, Fields of Sports Law Implementation  and Human Rights in Sports Activities) ; 
-International Sports Events and Sports Law (Olympic Movement Regulation, World Cup Games and Law, International Sports Jurisdiction and Internationalization of Sports);
-Lex Sportiva and Sports Activities National Legislation and Sport (Lex Sportiva and Traditional Sports Legal Order, Lex Sportiva and European Union Law, Lex Sportiva and Anglo-American Law and Lex Sportiva and Asian Law);
-Professional Sport and International Law (Sports Activities and Employment Law, Sports Law Contracts and Sports Regulation and Sponsoring, Broadcasting Rights) and finally
-Sports Jurisdictional Order (Who is the Sports Judge, Arbitration of Sports Disputes, Applicable Law, Acquisition, Sale & Movement of Sports Franchises in a Global Environment and Athlete Rights Issues).