16th World IASL Congress, 24-28 November 2010, Seoul, South Korea

16th IASL World Congress

Draft outline of the sessions

1. Session: Sports Rights and National Sports Basic Law
• Civil Rights of Athletes 
• Sports Law and Fair Play 
• Sports Ethics
• Fields of Sports Law Implementation 
• Human Rights in Sports Activities

2. Session: International Sports Events and Sports Law
• Olympic Movement Regulation
• World Cup Games and Law
• International Sports Jurisdiction 
• Internationalization of Sports

3. Session: Lex Sportiva and Sports Activities National Legislation and Sport
• Lex Sportiva and Traditional Sports Legal Order 
• Lex Sportiva and European Union Law 
• Lex Sportiva and Anglo-American Law 
• Lex Sportiva and Asian Law

4. Session: Professional Sport and International Law
• Sports Activities and Employment Law 
• Sports Law Contracts and Sports Regulation
• Sponsoring, Broadcasting Rights

5. Session: Sports Jurisdictional Order
• Who is the Sports Judge? 
• Arbitration of Sports Disputes 
• Applicable Law 
• Acquisition, Sale & Movement of Sports Franchises in a Global Environment 
• Athlete Rights Issues