International Association of Sports Law
The (21) International Congress

First Day Tuesday 3 Nov 2015


90:00-10:00    Registration 

10:00-11:00    Opening Ceremony, awarding sponsors, Honoring Speakers and Opening speeches

Will be delivered by his Excellency the Honorable Moroccan Minister of Sports and Youth Mr. Lahcen Sekkouri, HRH Prince Talal Bin Bader (President of the National Arab Olympic Committees Uinion)HRH Prince Sultan Bin Bander (The President of the Arab cars and motorbikes race Federation)HH Prince Turkey Bin Khaled ( President of the Arab Football Federation), The Distinguished Prof. Demetrious Panagiotopoulus (President of The IASL). The Distinguished Lawyer Mr. Majed Garoub (The President of The Organizing committee of the IASL)

11:00-12:00     Arab sports’ institutes and Governance

12:00-12:15     Coffee Break

12:15-01:15      National and international specialty of the arbitration courts (CAS)

01:15-02:15     Conflict resolving courts with local and international specialty

02:15-03:45      Lunch Break

03:45-04:45      When, why and how would the FIFA intervene in resolving national and international conflicts

04:45-05:45      In-dependency in sports and limitation of government interference

Second Day Wednesday 4 Nov 2015

10:00-10:30     Registration

10:30-11:30     The relationship between Olympic committees and sports federations

11:30-12:30     Rights and obligations/commitments of general assemblies, club boards, and sports federations

12:30-12:45     Coffee Break

12:45-01:45     Sports associations’ fundamental regulations and how to regulate the relationship with their members

01:45-02:45     Specialized national and international conflict resolving domains for players in the professional leagues

02:45-04:15     Lunch Break

04:15-05:15     Local and international obligations/adherence of players, clubs, associations, and sports federations.

*45 Min Workshop:

(The relationship between University education and sport)

will be delivered and presented by Prof. Demetrious Panagiotopoulus.

* Last Call for submitting all researches


Third Day Thursday 5 Nov 2015

10:00-11:00    CSR and Football

11:00-12:00    Doping (WADA)

12:00-12:15    Coffee Break

12:15-01:15    Women and sports

01:15-02:15    Media, economy and sports, who mandates the work

02:15-03:45    Lunch Break

03:45-04:45    Broadcast and sponsorship rights of the federations and the local and international championships  

*45 Min Work shop:

 (The Legal and Judicial requirements for qualifying sports Lawyers)  

 will be delivered and presented by  the lawyer Mr. Majed Garoub 

*The Announcement of the winner for best Research

*The Announcement of next year IASL 22nd  Congress 2016