21st IASL Congress 2015in Marrakech take place 3-5 November, Morocco
Organized by the Saudi Law Training Center (S.L.T.C)

General topic:

Sports Law: legal problems in national and international football activities

Special topics:

  • Arab sports’ Institutions and Governance
  • International Sports Organizations. Olympic committees and sports federations
  • The world Anti-Doping Agency
  • The Statutes of Sports Associations: registration and general principles of governance  The influence of governments
  • Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS)
  • FIFA: organization and Jurisdiction
  • Professional football: National and International Organizations
  • Media, Economy and Sports
  • Broadcast and Sponsorship  rights of the Federations and the local and International Championships
  • CRS and football

Special session:

  • The relationship between Sports and University Education

More information:

Mr Majed M. GAROUB
Position: Director
Phone Number: +966 2 651 8222
Address: Jeddah 21425, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Zip Code: P.O. Box 18623