Main Topic of the Congress:

Sports Law Structures: Sports Law Practice, Sports Law Justice and Sports Science and Studies

Organizing by:

Research Center of Sports Law of China University of Political Science and Law

Location of the Congress:

Jingyi Hotel, Beijing, China

Participants of the Congress:

1. Members of the International Association on Sports Law (including members from the board of directors and scientific committee)
2. Invited experts, scholars in sports law, and undergraduates and postgraduates who are interested in sports law research
3. China Legal Society, General Administration of Sport of China, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, and Beijing Law Society
4. Committee members from the Research Association of Sports Law of China Legal Society
5. Administrators, faculty members and students from the China University of Political Science and Law
6. Relevant lawyers and media in China

Attendance estimate: 150 –200 persons

Congress Announcement and Paper Submission:

1. Congress Announcement
It will be issued soon and posted on the websites of International Association of Sports Law and Research Center for Sports Law of China University of Political Science and Law. Participants of the congress should respond before July 15th, 2012 and submit abstracts in both English and Chinese.

2. Paper and abstract submission
All abstracts of free participants should be submitted before July 31st, 2012.
papers should be written in accordance with the congress theme, and follow the standard format of the congress with no more than 5000 words. Please use footnotes to mark notes, footnotes of each page should be re-numbered.
The full papers should be emailed to the organization committee before September 10th, 2012. Every dissertation will be reviewed by the International Association of Sports Law. Excellent papers will be presented on the congress and officially published in by the congress journal.


Contact Information:

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