Sports Law: Structures, Practice, Justice, Sports Science and Studies


Ι. Session

Lex Sportiva - Lex Olympica and International Sports law

  • International Sports Law Structure
  • Olympic Games: Ol. Movement, Relations, Conventions and Participation
  • Truce Olympic Centre, Governmental Agencies - NGO and World Peace
  • Regulation and re-regulation in the world of Sport
  • Legislature of International Sports Federations and Lex Sportiva

II. Session

Sports Law Practice

a. Legal problems in Amateur and professional sport

  • Sports Right and obligations of Athletes, economics and private freedom
  • Professional Sports activities and Players Protection
  • Legal Protection in sports, civil, penal liability and Responsibility 
  • Sports law contracts and Player’s agents’ regulations
  • Anti-Doping Regulation, WADA Code and Techno-Doping

b. Sports Events and policy

  • Legal Environment of Sports Industry, Events and Liability of Organizers  
  • Major Sport Event, Sports Marketing and Management
  • Gambling and Betting in Sports, Fraud and match fixing in Sports
  • Sponsoring, Broadcasting in Sports 
  • Europe and in the World of sports activities Legal situation and policy

III. Session

Sports Jurisdictional Order

  • Sports Arbitration and Justice
  • Resolution of Sports Disputes and Mediation in Sports Disputes
  • Court Arbitration of Sport (CAS)
  • Applicable Law and Decisions’ Excitability in Sports Law

IV. Session

Sports Law science and sports studies in world

  • Sports Law studies and Development 
  • Post Graduate Studies in Sports Law 
  • Research and Methodology of Sports Law 
  • Education of Sports Lawyers and trainers